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Garment Care

All of our LALLY designs have been crafted with the utmost precision to ensure the best possible quality and durability.
Properly caring for your precious garments will help make them last the longest possible time.
Here are some easy-to-follow instructions to enhance the life of your favourite pieces.
  • Always follow the instructions on the individual care label for each product.
  • Washing in cold water (no warmer than 30°C) is better for the environment and better for your garments. Using cold water helps reduce colour fading and uses less energy at the same time.
  • Do not put your LALLY’s products in the dryer. This might damage the material and the elastane in will lose its stretch. Also, don’t let your undercovers dry in the sun, this might change the color.
How to wash satin
Italian Satin is a luxurious, high quality fabric which needs a little more care and attention. Because of this delicate material, you shouldn’t put your satin items in the washing machine or iron them. Wash your garments by hand with a maximum temperature of 40°C and use a laundry detergent specifically for satin.